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Chemo Breath

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Well, It's day four here at Huntsman and things have been going pretty well. There have been a few bumps in the road, just trying to keep the nausea under control, but I can't complain other than that. I am on my fourth bag of chemo, out of 5, and then I get to go home for a little while and be with my babies!! oh I miss them so much.

I hope you all enjoyed the "cancer dancers" the other day :)! My cute brother, J.R., spent his whole day here with me. I was so drugged for the first 5 hours he was here, the least I could do when I finally snapped out of it was dance with him. Isn't he good?! I, on the other hand, was feeling the grandma vibes with my jammies, slippers, iv pole, and stiff neck ha.

I'm doing okay, but am starting to feel the effects of all of the chemo and medicine going in me. I am very fatigued, keeping the nausea at bay is hard, and one of the most annoying things is a gross taste in my mouth that does not leave no matter what I try. J.R. and I call it "chemo breath." Food sounds gross, but feeling empty is worse, I brush my teeth over and over, but then I just throw up. The realization of being sick is setting in.

Some of my family members came to visit last night, but I was so drugged that I only found out they'd been there because of the notes they'd left me. I am very lucky. I am surrounded by constant love and support, and everyone is taking such good care of me.

My mom helped me get showered and ready for sacrament meeting. Gotta love church in leopard print jammies and masks :)

And for the highlight of my day. . . Ju-lay searching through all of the free beanie bins, "practicing" hahaha!

Hahaha love you juju bee.

I'm grateful for laughter and the endless love and support that surrounds me.

So now we're just crossing our fingers that I get to go home tomorrow, snuggle my babies and kiss their little faces off!

Xoxo Jen

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