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Their Names Are Not In Lights

Today is International Women's Day. I only knew this because my social media account let me know through pictures of famous female artists, bodybuilders, and musicians. I thought about my daughter. 'Who will she think about on this day, when she's older and is scrolling through her phone? Will the world tell her who to celebrate?, or will I have done my job as her mother, as a woman, and have helped her see that the women worth celebrating are right in front of her, not just on this day, but every single day of her life.'

Their names are not in lights but their names cover the pages of my 'Thankful Journal.'

They help and encourage chasing after dreams, even if that means putting their own dreams on hold for a season.

They don't have to tell the world who they are and what they stand for, the world can see it just by watching them.

They have hard days, sometimes they have doubts and fears, but then they remember tomorrow and move forward in faith.

They don't feel the need to compete, they just want to be the first to congratulate.

They don't mind if you've done all the talking, they like listening more anyways.

They should be a secret agent because no one else will ever know just how much they do.

They have it all and do it all, but become stronger when they learn to ask for help.

They think laughter is the best medicine, and So What?! if that means more wrinkles.

They don't wish away their trials, instead they link arms with their family, friends, community, and God to face them head on.

They don't need recognition, they just need you to know you are loved.

They don't have the finest clothes or perfect hair, but they are breathtakingly beautiful because they love themselves.

They aren't savvy with all the new apps, but they know how to pick up a pen and make your day at the mailbox.

They don't always live up to "pinterest standards", but they know how to create memories that will last a life time.

They are busy trying to check off their to-do lists, but they drop everything and come to the rescue, no questions asked.

They don't really care about everybody else, they just do it because they believe in it.

Their story has chapter after chapter of disappointment and heartache, but they choose to focus on the happily ever afters.

They don't have thousands of friends, likes, and shares, but they know the power of one good friend.

They don't wear a cape or fly, but when on bended knee, their power is unstoppable.

They don't find their worth in the size of their jeans or their bank account, they find it every time they think of someone else.

They may just be another person in the world, but to us, they are our world.

You know these women. They are our mothers, grandmothers, our sisters, friends, our neighbors, and even strangers. These are the women I celebrate today, and every day.

I am proud to be a woman. We have great responsibilities and I hope I can always keep this life, and the truly important things about it, in perspective. I always want my daughter to know how wonderful, beautiful, and powerful she is. I want her to know she is of infinite worth because she is a child of a loving Heavenly Father. We all are.

Xoxo Jen

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